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The structure of your business will have an impact on your tax liability. Your business and tax structures are equally as important. Permit International Business Consultants to consider both structures and present recommendations that are advantageous to your business organisation.

The Thai Revenue Code is the authority on the taxes imposed at local and international levels across Thailand and is administered by the Ministry of Finance.

The Government Revenue Department will assess your tax liability. If it is deemed that you don’t comply with the Thai Revenue Code or owe tax to the Revenue Department, punishment is severe. It is imperative to seek the correct advice to avoid any penalties.

Ministry of Finance

  • Corporate income tax

  • Value-added tax

  • Stamp duty

  • Personal income tax

The Customs Department

  • Import and export duties

The Excise Department

  • Excise tax

Local Authority

  • Property tax

  • Municipal tax

Let International Business Consultants help you understand the minefield of tax complexities and help you find the most cost-effective solutions.

Corporate Tax

Corporate Income Tax (CIT) is a direct tax imposed on a company or partnership established under Thai or foreign laws. The company carries out business in Thailand or derives income from specific services.

Personal Income Tax

PIT or Personal Income Tax is a direct tax imposed on a person’s income. Any person liable for Personal Income Tax has to calculate their tax liability, file a tax return and pay tax, if any, each tax calendar year.

Tax Filing and Payments

Any Thai or foreign company that conducts business in Thailand must submit their tax returns and payments twice a year.

Contact the team for more information about;

  • Value Added Tax (PP 30)

  • Monthly reports (Balance Sheet, P&L)

  • Mid-Year Tax Return (PND 51)

  • Annual Tax Return (PND 50)

  • Withholding Tax (PND 3, 53)

  • Withholding Tax Return (PND 54)

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