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Looking For a Top Law Firm in Thailand? – An Independent Law Firm With a Trusting Approach to Legal Services

Top Law Firm in Thailand  IBC Advisory

When it comes to navigating the complexities of Thai legal matters and foreign jurisdictions, having a trusted and competent law firm by your side is paramount.

IBC Advisory – International Business Consultants (Thailand) based in Phuket, is one such law firm. An independent law firm that brings business and legal advice, together with top quality service, to domestic and international companies and individuals looking for seriously reliable legal services.

Leading law firms like IBC Advisory present an informed, experienced team with personable, talented lawyers at the forefront, such as the managing partner and CEO, Suphawan Tukwun, known as Su.

Su has been practicing law for 20+ years and has fostered close working relations, representing and assisting clients – both foreign and local clients – in setting up businesses across industry sectors. Su spearheads the team, providing a variety of legal practices, internationally recognized, with dealings mainly in Thailand as well as Australia and Hong Kong.

A Full Service Law Firm That Means Business

When it comes to approachable international law firms, a few local firms in Phuket, Thailand, can deliver significant legal practices, like IBC Advisory, with a deep partner commitment – your business is their business when it comes to legal services and deep knowledge of various legal procedures.

IBC Thailand offers a diverse array of domestic and cross border legal services, with keen insight into the various legal intricacies that vary from country to country.

IBC Advisory deliver significant legal practices

Competent Corporate Services and Business Law Consultation

IBC provides comprehensive business law services, advising foreign and local clients on the commercial and corporate law elements of business.

This dynamic law firm offers critical advice for all types of business entities, from limited companies, Co Ltd and PLC, to partnerships and joint ventures, each with distinctive traits, legal obligations, and operational structures. While these companies, such as Co Ltd entities, are the most prevalent, it is essential to carefully consider the specific features of each business entity type, as the choice of business structure in Thailand significantly impacts many factors. For that reason, it is imperative to seek professional legal advice to ensure the most suitable and legally sound setup for their operations.

Skilled corporate legal services, from business formation and compliance to strategic advice on corporate governance, foreign investment and foreign jurisdiction. In addition to that, services encompass business partner advice, corporate restructuring matters and in house counsel for multinational corporations, from large-scale global enterprises to smaller multinational businesses and international trade.

Clients can also benefit from the firm’s strategic counsel on corporate governance, contractual concerns, and regulatory compliance. In addition to individual attention to commercial litigation issues, dispute resolution, and local and international arbitration. A multifaceted approach that operates within the bounds of the law and adheres to ethical business practices.

Top law firm Thailand IBC Advisory attorneys and legal team

Various Legal Practices That Require Versatile Specialists

IBC Advisory extends its legal services to other commercial legalities and specialist regulatory matters, from taxation and risks, data protection, and intellectual property to natural resources and environmental, and health and safety. They are able to deal with a multitude of legal matters relating to business.

Sound advice and reliable legal assistance regarding real estate, regulation, property acquisition, development, and transactions – giving their clients peace of mind through the entire property process.

Crucial to IBC Advisory’s suite of legal services is their meticulous due diligence with regard to all aspects of client affairs. Going beyond routine assessments, with in-depth analyses, transparency, and corporate integrity, for confident and informed decision-making in diverse legal facets of every case.

Banking and finance insight and services, from financial institutions to project financing guidance, foreign direct investment, international finance, and cross border corporate transactions.

Immigration consultation and legal services. Navigating Thailand’s immigration laws can be complex. IBC understands and offers expert assistance in visas, work permits, and residency cases in keeping with the latest government regulations.

Legal representation and the Thai courts system and administrative law. IBC’s legal representation extends beyond mere advocacy, encompassing planning and support, meticulous case preparation, and a commitment to securing favorable outcomes for clients within the parameters of Thailand’s legal framework.

Recommendations regarding specialist litigation services and law firms, such as criminal law and securities law.

Documentation services, including interpretation, translation, and certification, ensuring legal documents comply with applicable laws and effectively protect all representing clients’ interests.

Executive handling of Family Law, prenuptial agreements, marriage, and divorce proceedings of local and international clients with the intention of achieving fair and favorable outcomes for a diverse clientele.

IBC Advisory Thailand comprehensive services for business and legal advice

Essential Client-Centric Approach to Legal Services Assured

In the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand boasts a vibrant legal sector with national law firms that stand out for their expertise, professionalism, and dedication. With a team of accomplished and capable legal experts and a finger on the pulse of a constantly evolving environment, you will find the legal help you are looking for right here, with International Business Consultants (Thailand) – IBC Advisory.

A proven track record of excellence, trust, and client satisfaction firmly establishes IBC as a top law firm in Thailand. This law firm’s commitment and close working relations with multinational clients – aiding all clients domestically and foreign clients – is a testament to this. This is what truly sets IBC apart – their unwavering commitment to clients.

IBC law firm recognizes the diversity of representing clients and prioritizes clear communication, ensuring clients are well informed at every step of their legal journey, providing deep partner commitment, and setting the standard for legal services with heart in the Land of Smiles.

Client satisfaction and service excellence assured

Connect With the IBC Dream Team

IBC Law Firm’s head office is located in Boat District next to Ikea on the Bypass in Ko Kaeo, Phuket, ensuring accessibility and convenience for clients seeking professional legal counsel, as well as offices in Bangkok and Sydney. For more information and full contact details, head for IBC Advisory online, to speak to a senior associate.

IBC Advisory Thailand business and legal advice head office based in Phuket



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