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Suphawan Tukwun, otherwise known as Su, is a dual citizen of Australia and Thailand. Su has a passion for international business law and is the brains and the dynamism behind International Business Consultants. She has legal qualifications in both Australia and Thailand. Su is a licensed and practiced lawyer in Thailand for about 20 years. Her practice role in Thailand is a senior attorney, dealing mainly with foreign clients whilst at the same time is an admitted Australian solicitor.

She spends her time between Phuket and Sydney.

Her foreign clients are those who wish to conduct business in Thailand or those who wish to acquire property or need legal assistance on other matters within the Kingdom of Thailand.

After being qualified to practice law by the Law Society of Thailand in 2000, she then joined a large corporation in the executive position and in the position of Corporate Counsel for large property and hotel developers, Laguna Phuket Resorts and Hotels Public Company Limited. Her role as the Corporate Counsel at Laguna, among other legal responsibility, was to manage all of the legal aspects of land and property administration including litigation matters. She worked for Laguna Phuket for three and a half years before starting her own law practice in 2004 and then changed the legal practice name to International Business Consultants (IBC) in 2016.

Dealing with laws across continents has enabled Su to have an overarching understanding not only of different laws but of the importance of being able to converse with international clients.

With 20 years of experience in law and in business across continents, she has an exceptional understanding of various laws and the English language, so she is very easy to converse with and will quickly understand your requirements. Su provides cohesive advice for foreigners wishing to invest in property, carry out business or aid commercial litigation in Thailand and can, with ease, facilitate the entire transaction seamlessly to completion

Suphawan Tukwun

Suphawan Tukwun (Su) has been practicing law in Asia since 2000. She has been assisting and advising clients in setting up business in Thailand as well as in Hong Kong and Australia.


Summary of Su's International Experience
  • In 2010, whilst she was running her legal practice in Phuket, she was also looking for other opportunities to widen her knowledge and experience so that she could enhance her practice as a lawyer and benefit the firm’s clients. She then went to Australia and has since been working and living between Sydney and Phuket
  • At Laguna, Su adapted to the executive pressures of a publicly listed company and became familiar with the local players in the property market, gaining in-depth experience with the irregularities and elements of risk that arise in connection with land and property transactions in and around Phuket. Many years of operation on her own account in the same field have deepened her understanding of the issues involved and provided extensive practice in the necessary issues, so that a tactical approach to sometimes non-routine situations has become easily practicable where required. Su’s extensive network of local and local contacts enables complex issues to be resolved expediently in many cases.
  • Whilst in Australia, she was working full time with a Chartered Accountant, dealing with the setting up of businesses for clients mainly in Hong Kong and Singapore and advising on suitable international structures. At that time, she was also studying law at the University of Sydney while managing her legal practice in Phuket from Australia. Su was then admitted as an Australian Solicitor in 2018.
  • Following more than 16 years of daily and detailed educated native-speaker guidance, Su’s English language skills are at near-native-speaker level within her profession, facilitating complete and easy understanding of clients’ concerns and the provision of clear and informative advice in English.
  • Su is also closely associated with activities centered around provision of virtual office services and international company formation and management, primarily in Australia. In this context, she provides assistance and advice to senior accounting firms advising major commercial enterprises.
  • Moving in the other direction, Su provides relevant advice for foreigners interested in investing in property and or doing business in Thailand and can facilitate the entire transaction from initial interest to final completion of the transaction.

If you have a tricky legal issue in Thailand with an emphasis on property, business matters or commercial litigation and English is your language of choice, Su should most certainly be one of the people you talk to.

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